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About company

The name Mollier brings us back to the beginning of the company's business, to the year 1990. That year the city Celje was struck by a major flood due to the heavy rains. At that time there was neither an entrepreneur nor a company with expert knowledge and modern equipment in Slovenian region who would know how to drain, desiccate and dehumidify houses, apartments, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, warehouses, garages and other assets professionally, whether they are public or private. Our knowledge and experiences bound us with the Swiss company Krüger which has had more than seven decades of experiences and development of successful solutions for dampness, humidity and moisture problems in the field of construction and industry. So we decided to pave the way of draining solutions in our region and we succeeded. We decided to name our company by the German mathematician, physicist and mechanical engineer Richard Mollier, who gained his worldwide reputation with his study of engineering thermodynamics, engineering hydraulics, refrigeration machines, kinematics and gas engines and he also became known by his Mollier diagram (implementing enthalpy as one of thermodynamic diagram coordinate). The company Mollier today is a distinguished and well-known company in the region and abroad and it is recognized by state-of-the-art technology for water damage sanitations. Our technology is constantly being upgraded and modernized.

Draining, heating and air conditioning as well as supply, assembly and service of medical equipment were our first but not our last step into the field of environmental protection. We expanded our environmental solutions in 1995 when we started with the disinfection of infective waste. The company gained professional and technological knowledge in this field and developed an excellent logistic network for collecting and processing specific hazardous waste.

We are well-known by executive medical engineering, but we have been expanding our activities on the health care field as well.  

Health and healthy environment – this is our professional and business challenge. Our earlier development and results are our best stimulation.

Programs and activities

  • Draining, heating and air conditioning with accompanying programs such as sanitation and drainage of humid surfaces, dehumidification and heating in construction area, measurements of dampness and production of condition reports, microwave drying, IR camera measurements – thermography, water pipeline fault detection and discovery, supply and assembly of environmental supervision equipment, technical endoscopy , supply, setup and service of air-conditioning devices, building and construction heating equipment, etc.
  • Waste treatment; disinfection of infective waste and secure collection of other specific hazardous or common waste
  • Medical area; sales and representation of medical equipment, executive engineering and service of medical equipment
  • Operations center with specific medical activity

Competitive advantages:

  • Specific knowledge, expert staff and strategic partnerships abroad
  • Integral engineering; from idea to the project, realization and service
  • Expert presentations on field and at the company premises
  • Quality; verified with references and numerous international certificates
  • Tradition

Rapid response to the market opportunities

Mollier's market position and development was significantly affected by the following events:

  • acquisition and upgrade of ISO certificate (since 1999)
  • construction of the new business building (2000)
  • gradual orientation to the new opening markets (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Romania and others)

Our first foreign establishment was found in Croatia (Rijeka). Our new building in Celje offers a great deal of various business spaces:

  • new business offices,
  • medical equipment and consuming material storage rooms,
  • service workshop for medical equipment, devices and diagnostic equipment,
  • service workshop for air-conditioning devices, draining and devices,
  • operations room with specialist dispensaries (final construction phase)

Year 2005 is the turning point in our specific medical activities as a response to the market needs.

Mollier is very flexible and responds quickly to the development opportunities with its strategic approach on a global market, with expertise knowledge and high-quality relationship with the clients.