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Air conditioning

Comfortable working and living conditions of modern human are limited to a rather narrow climatic area. Too cold, too dry, too hot or too damp environment affects our living and working conditions negatively and consequently lowers working efficiency.

We are all aware that cold environment is effectively overcome with efficient heating system, while on the other hand we consistently think that hot and damp environment is something we simply have to tolerate. But because of thinning of the ozone layer and consecutively more extreme and longer heat waves there are new requirements of humans which will have to be fulfilled in the future – including air condition devices.

When temperature and humidity raises above normal levels the work efficiency drops. Employees become tired and loose interest in work. Their work effectiveness is reduced by 30 percent or more (even 50%). In view of this data there is no doubt that the cost of air conditioning compared to the cost of reduced work productivity is negligible. There are also legal issues to be taken into consideration as the law strictly regulates microclimatic conditions of employee’s workspace (maximum workspace temperature 28 C).

Inverter air conditioning

Great energy saving and optimal temperature conformation

Inverter technology provides a specific method of compressor power regulation and lower value deviations around preset room temperature compared to classic air conditioners. Energy consumption is lower and more constant room temperature is ensured.

  • great energy saving; up to 30% compared to classic air conditioners because of continuous power adaptation to the needs of air conditioning of space. There are no more losses due to overheating or under-cooling which is common at classic air conditioners where the device frequently shuts on and off to maintain a preset temperature (+/- 1C).
  • optimal temperature control; this type of air conditioner reaches a preset temperature very quickly and then maintains it with merely slight changes up or down
  • Increase of heating effectiveness; because of its ability to increase RPM of compressor and by that to increase the power of device, a heating effectiveness is raised for up to 30%. So we still get enough heating power even at outside temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant R-410A
  • Significant noise reduction