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Home Construction heating
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Construction heating

What does construction winter heating mean?

It is a line of additional tasks at planning, arrangements and execution of construction under specific weather conditions. Days when construction sites rested for several months due to winters and bad weather are gone. Pressure of deadlines on available personnel and machinery demands continuous operation regardless to the weather conditions. Bare walls are especially sensitive to cold so it is necessary to offer a proper protection to the object(s). Plasters, coatings, paints, wallpapers etc. also require minimum climate conditions. Natural evaporation of moisture is fastest when objects are being heated.  If objects are heated the drainage time is significantly reduced.
Our company approaches the problem and solves any heating problem individually. We solve humidity problems of individual rooms or objects as well as problems of large construction sites. We offer a complete arrangement of heating systems for winter construction heating. Basic ventilation fans with independent exhaustion vents offer various feasibilities of adaptive aerial distribution. Versatile and flexible oil-fueled heating systems.
Efficiency of these systems ranges from 15.000 kcal/hour (approx. 62000 kJ/hour) to 150.000 kcal/h (approx. 620.000 kJ/hour). Thanks to their exhaustion vents the larger systems also enable flexible air distribution to greater distances. Distribution system on these machines is specially designed for family constructions (private houses etc.) because they direct the heat directly to the required point(s) – into individual rooms at desired floor. Mollier’s multi distribution system offers the following advantages:

  • economic fuel consumption
  • faster drainage and therefore
  • Shorter construction period.

Contractors prefer working under normal conditions and pleasant environment without unnecessary or unexpected deadlocks.

Multi distribution system for facade (front wall) heating

Multi distribution system can be optimally used at facade (front wall) heating. If necessary conditions are implemented, we can use our system to find a flexible solution for any construction. Even distribution of hot air to the entire facade enables fast and flawless drainage. Every part of the system is assembled quickly and easily. Our expert employees offer free counseling, our assembly technicians take care of delivery to the construction site as well as appropriate installations. At your wish they also carry out all the necessary works, from transport to setup and assembly

Heating of halls, tents and other similar sites

Celebrations, concerts and shows are also organized in the unfavorable weather conditions. The best logistics and organization is of no use if cold and dampness interfere with our efforts. Every prudent and reasonable organizer includes heating of tents and halls into his/her plans. It is important to be ready at any time and any weather condition

Mollier developed an even heat distribution system (EHDS) for large spaces (in co-operation with Krüger company). Heating device is placed outside heated space so the noise of the system does not disturb the guests. Warm air is evenly distributed throughout the entire heating area and there are no perceptible air currents to bother visitors. When the event is taking place in the daytime, the distribution funnels are mounted on external walls of tents or halls. They can also be hung in the air so the whole floor is available for the organizers, visitors, exhibitors etc.