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Dehumidification and acclimatization

Supply of services in the field of dehumidification is wide and includes constructions drainage, humidity measurements, constructions heating, water damage sanitations, air dehumidification, humidity measurements, drying out new constructions, construction heating equipment service and repairs, etc. With the state-of-the-art technology Mollier also carries out microwave drying and thermo-graphic supervision using thermo-camera (heat measuring camera), which enables an extremely precise diagnostics during dehumidification process, therefore making water damage sanitation more economic. Thermography using contemporary thermographic, high resolution camera is also used for an accurate overview of thermal conditions, for detection of temperature alterations and faults in the field of construction, industry, electricity and electronics, medicine, veterinary, cooling techniques and so on. With the help of such supervision we are easily able to detect water supply defects (such as leakage of central heating pipelines, water supply pipelines, floor heating etc...), defects of industrial furnaces (damages of furnace walls and/or heat insulations), defects of power supply objects and so on. We also determine and calculate heat losses and construction heat bridges, electric wiring faults, electronic circuit faults , faults on transformers, junction and interface cabinets, pumps, compressors, bearings etc. and we also perform thermal insulation verifications of refrigerating chambers and cooling rooms.

Our dehumidification field also includes the following services and products:

  • Supply and assembly of measurement instruments for environmental conditions supervision (humidity, temperature, air pressure, CO2 levels, sun radiation)
  • - Supply and assembly of weather stations, sensors and instruments for environmental supervision of orchards, vineyards etc.
  • wide assortment of video supervision and monitoring products such as technical endoscopy for armies, police and other infrastructure sectors for anti-terrorism, secret operations, customs examinations, law enforcement investigations and supervisions, jurisdictional support, detection and prevention of various pipeline systems, engines, turbines, undercarriages of cars, buses, trains, aircrafts (turbines, engines etc.)
  • detection of faults and defects of water pipelines (floor heating, cold water pipes, sanitary installations, water sinks, pipes for meteor waters drainage etc.) using the latest state-of-the-art equipment (detection with sound, gas, co-relation, smoking gases, impulse-current frequency etc.)

Our acclimatization field covers the following services and products:

  • supply and assembly of high-quality air conditioning devices for home and business use
  • service of air conditioning devices and systems
  • complete engineering
  • from the idea and planning to the realization and service suppor