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Discovering leakage spot

When repairing water pipelines and central heating pipelines it is very important for construction workers, plumbers and insurance companies to quickly discover a precise location of damage. Only this way it is possible to quickly repair and sanitize the damage with lowest cost possible. Our experts have years of experience with top-notch technology for rapid and low-cost damage position discovery.


IR thermography enables us to get an illustration of plumbing installation using emitted radiation energy acquisition. Thermography enables absolutely reliable measurement results when discovering damage location and also at thermography scanning of the building and analysis of the plumbing installation condition.


Geophones are highly sensitive sensors. They are able to detect and reproduce sounds. Even in case of very small cracks the sounds are generated that are easily detected by geophone sensors. This technique enables a simple and precise determination of leakage spots in sanitary installations, pipes etc.

Locating leakage spots with Tracegas:
All pipelines can be filled with mixture of gas under pressure. The mixture is composed of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. Basically we control the drop of pressure and eventual leaking of gas through any pipeline crack. The gas easily leaks through porous surfaces and this leakage is then detected with Tracegas detector. 


Technical endoscopes enable multi-dimensional inspection of floor (ground) interior. Only small boreholes (d=3,0 mm) are necessary to inspect inaccessible places such as showers, bathtubs, culverts or drains. Technical endoscopes also offer practically unlimited possibilities of wastewater plumbing inspection


On the certain parts of pipelines we use sound speed calculations to detect one or more leakages. This digital measurement method enables graphic display of the situation and computer processed data on portable computer. The procedure is suitable for all types of materials and pipes that are in use today.

Leck Pen

Leck Pen works on the principle of acoustic and visual determination of pipeline segment that contains leakage spot(s).