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Medical activity

Our company (Mollier) also possesses a modern diagnostic operating unit which is in the final phase of its realization (functionally speaking), and it is a company’s vision to become a reality. It will be used for paramedic activities of the company, including operating room for arthroscopic surgeries and plastic surgeries, which enables high level of sterility. Functionality of the room is additionally enhanced with the tandem of operation lights with surgery satellite equipped with split anesthetic statives and microscope, mobile operating table and availability of immediate endoscopes sterilization using special method of sterilization.  

This diagnostic block is intended for anesthetic and general preparation of the patient. There are also functional spaces of medical personnel, room for post-operative nursing of the patient with possibility of continual patient supervision. We also plan to use the most contemporary approach of rehabilitation in the post-operation room. Equipment of surgery and accompanying rooms is also designed by complying highest standards for medical equipment and includes ultrasound diagnostics – endoscopy, ECG, EMG diagnostics, burdening tests etc.