With executive medical engineering and service of medical equipment the company Mollier developed a branch of activity, by which it became well known on demanding expert market. Our extensive list of references is the best proof of that. Our advantage is a co-operation with numerous domestic and international medical equipment manufacturers. We offer health care and health related centers and institutions a complete engineering – from idea to project design and realization, import, supply, assembly, service and professional consultation.

We are well aware that only a few manage to ensure quality, professional, expert  and integral coverage of demanding medical sphere and we are therefore continuously interdisciplinary fulfilling ourselves, we are constantly introducing novelties and innovations and keep qualifying expert personnel. We are devoting our special attention to cooperation with customers and their satisfaction as they encourage and direct us with their responses, and at the same time they stimulate us to development, and modern solutions. Our strategic aim of quality services, which is inseparable part of our offer in medical engineering, proved itself as remarkably wise when our country entered a joint European market.

Our motto is – integral expert support to the customers and top quality service. We have acquired certificates and authorization permits for most of our products that we are selling and we are also preparing and creating conditions for medical measurement instruments laboratory accreditation.