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Microwave drainage

Microwaves – what are they?

Microwaves are electromagnetic radiation waves ranging from 300 MHz to 300 GHz. Their frequency range is in-between radio waves and visible light waves. Microwave heating works on the principle of microwave adsorption and therefore internal heating of the object. This is an essential difference compared to conventional methods where heating and drying begins on the surface of the object. Microwaves heat up entire object in contrast to surface heating due to classic radiation. The result of microwave drying is fast drying from inside out. It is a new quality method of drying in construction area which cannot be compared to any other method available today. Shorter drying time compared to other drying methods is one of the best benefits of microwave drying. Drying time is shorter and no further, expensive renovation works are necessary. Usage timeout of certain object is therefore minimized.

Where and when do we use microwave drainage?

  • if there is a requirement of short-time drainage (drying of sales surfaces, restaurants, reconstructions...)
  • if conventional methods fail (massive constructions, thick walls, arches...)
  • if there is the need of non-aggressive drying to avoid damages (historical or cultural objects, expensive materials...)