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Dehumidification and heating of:

  • numerous smaller and larger construction objects throughout Slovenia in cooperation with acknowledged construction companies and insurance companies
  • numerous residential districts, houses, apartments and gymnasiums throughout Slovenia
  • Slovenian museums, galleries and national archives (constantly up-keeping required relative humidity in exhibition places, storehouses etc.)
  • houses, kindergartens, schools, medical institutions and other public institutions due to flooding and water excess problems
  • hospital of Gradačac (BiH)
  • Laško Brewery (Pivovarna Laško)
  • American and German embassies in Ljubljana

Instruments for humidity, temperature and pressure control:

  • in numerous Slovenian museums, galleries, music schools,
  • in some wood processing companies throughout Slovenia
  • for supervision of conditions of various places such as roads, highways, vineyards, orchards and wine cellars
  • ...


  • setup, service and maintenance of air-conditioning devices and systems in numerous public institutions, hospitals, health centers, companies, apartments and apart houses throughout Slovenia

Diagnostics (detection of leaking spots):

  • in cooperation with numerous public and communal service companies, construction companies and individuals throughout Slovenia