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The main characteristic of infrared cameras is a visual display of heat which is a very useful characteristic when we must diagnose or detect heat losses. With the appropriate software we can easily locate the spot of water installation interruption or damage. Infrared camera is also very useful at damages, caused by water (process of drainage). With consistent snapshots we can precisely document the process and therefore optimize the extent of investment. Avoiding unnecessary surface damages is one of the best benefits of thermography. Infrared technique is therefore an ideal supervision media at microwave drainage.

Fields of thermo-vision camera usage:

ELECTROTECHNICS - from high voltage systems to microelectronic circuits – to discover faulty joints, overloads, inductive heating – checkup of distribution systems, junctions, transformers, cables, junction and interface cabinets

INDUSTRY friction overheating – bearings, buses , faults of hydraulic systems, pumps, compressors, supervision of heating and cooling at various technological processes

CONSTRUCTION diagnostics of buildings – heat bridges detection and heat loss definition, detection of humidity in walls...

ELECTONICS AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY - fault detections of electronic circuit elements

INDUSTRIAL STOVES AND ENERGETICS OBJECTS - damage discovery of stove walls and insulations of industrial stoves and energetic objects, heat transmitters and installations

COOLING TECHNICS - supervision of refrigerating chambers insulation, cooled reservoirs and technological processes at low temperatures.