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Orientation of our company in the field of waste treatment is not coincidental. Our close cooperation with health care centers and hospitals has encouraged us to join a very demanding project of professional removal of medical infective waste in 1995. We have educated and trained our personnel and have developed an excellent logistics to effectively carry out disinfection of infective waste. The license for manufacturing and production of disinfection machines has opened us the door to international markets. Strategic partnerships in Europe enable us to continuously specialize ourselves in the field of waste removal, recycling and extermination.

Today we can also offer an appropriate boxing or packaging, waste transports and collection of some other special waste. We ensure quality and environmental friendly solutions for our customers and we also offer a quality service. With our hard and serious work, good references and verified logistics we also made our way to the Croatian market where a new development opportunities on this field are opening to us. With gradual but reliable steps and with a clear vision we are entering new markets. In the entire process of waste handling we comply with the most rigorous European orientations and environmental objectives. This also means that we continuously introduce new and contemporary technologies into our activity of waste processing and removal and we constantly monitor latest advances of this profession in the world.

Mollier wishes to be one of key players of continuous development and quality-oriented implementation of environmental policy in republic of Slovenia and other markets.